Friday, January 29, 2010


The cold weather is gone and Molina was so unhappy sharing a house with 12 other cats. So now she is back at The Village Green, sleeping in my office and walking the gardens again. She was so homesick that she wasn't eating much and was quite listless. I brought her back here to take her to the local vet, but when I opened the car door at the resort, she sprang out and instantly went to great the gardeners like she had been away for years and was so happy to see them. So she's happy again.

Note from Molina:
There is an interloper in my garden! I just got back after spending most of the winter in Cindee's bathroom (I was afraid of her big dog). The air is warm and the flowers are beginning to bloom and then what do I see but a big, nasty tom cat with no manners, peeing on the shrubs and rubbing up against MY gardener's legs. Cindee even gave him some of my food! Hopefully he belongs to a neighbor and didn't get dropped off here. I overheard Cindee saying that if he was still here on Monday she was going to call Janetta to come get him. I've heard of Jenetta before. She finds homes for strays, but first she neuters them. I wonder if he knows what's in store for him? Mwahahahahah!

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  1. People have been saying I am turning into the cat lady, I don't take it as an insult because it just means I am like my mom....However, i am beginning to understand the fear people have of "cat ladys'", as I am a bit scared of the dialogue from Molina that is being shared.