Thursday, December 10, 2009

Molina Visiting

Molina is my office cat where I work. She comes into the office and sleeps all day, but then we have to kick her outside for the night. She used to go into the shop, where it was nice and warm, but the new maintenance man doesn't like cats and has closed off the cat door. During the summer I wasn't too worried about her because she had 17 acres of garden to live in. But with the winter, it's getting cold and I couldn't, with my soft heart (and head) let her stay outside at night with the temperature plunging to 10 degrees. So she has come home with me for the winter or until I can find some wonderful person who will give the elderly, sweet, snuggler a home. She deserves to live her twilight years in a nice, warm, loving environment. Until then, she is snuggled down in my house with 12 other cats, 2 dogs and a sun conure (bird). Doesn't leave much room for the human inhabitants, but we cope.


  1. Aha, I found them! They're all gorgeous, but we were drawn especially to the polydactyl one (Beeswing) and to the orange and white one (Fido). We have Mungus, orange and white polydactyl all the way round who is the smartest and baddest cat we've ever seen...
    And is Molina named after Alfred?

  2. Cindee, I love your cats and I'll be back to visit. Molina looks so like several Siamese-torties we've had in the past that it was a true jolt of nostalgia to see her photo pop up.

  3. Jodi = I also noticed the similarities between Mungus and Fido. Our spoiled babies.
    Min - Actually she was suppoed to be named after a type of grass called Molinia, but everyone kept pronouncing it wrong.

  4. Cindee! What a purr-fect blog for me to view seeing that I am a cat lover!! Oh my you have a dozen!!!! My dream to have more than my two..the most I've had at any one time is 3. Natureboy just puts the break hoo.
    Your Arche is like my Paisly!! Your Basia looks like Casper whom I had for 10 plus yrs and now he has wings. Fido looks like my sweet Halo who also has wings..she and Casper passed away months apart..both from cardiomyopathy..and they were not genetically related! Broke my heart but there are always orphans at the shelters that are waiting to wiggle their paws into my heart.

    We surely are kindred spirits! So Happy that you found my blog and now we can chat back and forth.
    I adore butterflies and can't think of a better crown than one of butterflies...hence my portrait photo!
    purrr-Zzzzz =^+^= NG

  5. Cindee, what a pleasure to meet someone else as obsessed with cats as I am. I'm so glad you took Molina home. I wish her a long and happy life and I hope you find her a really loving home.